Affirmation can be great, but declaring intent is more powerful. With Periapt, it's about the latter.
The central idea of Periapt is to manifest what you want in life through both intent and action, and the talisman serves as a reminder of that intent, whether it's to be brave, to achieve a better balance in life, to embrace love and peace, to try to see things more clearly, or even to try and deceive more effectively!
Upon first opening the app, you choose between a snake, a tortoise, a stag beetle, a salamander, a bat, or a weasel totem to put on a talisman base of either bone, copper, or wood.

After making those choices, you then add your power gem, and the properties of the elements combined can overlap to boost specific properties, or, alternatively, to cover several bases. 
After making your selections, you take a "blood oath" to invoke the talisman, and in turn, you confirm your intent to take action. Intent and action help manifest what you want to achieve. Action without intent is foolish; intent without action is just hopeful passivity.
Ensuring that both intent and action are present in your mind will help remind you of your less tangible, but equally important goals — your emotional and intellectual ones. And thus, you take a blood oath to confirm your intent and make the talisman your own.
After you've created your talisman, it is indeed a reminder of your intent. Press "Invoked" to view the properties of your talisman, and tap it again to return it to its normal state.
The talisman is not only a reminder, nor is it simply a lucky charm. It can also help you clear your mind through a 4-8-7 breathing exercise. Intentional breathing helps to ground you, especially if you are in a tumultuous state of mind. With a clear mind, you can reaffirm your intent more easily, and mindfully make decisions and take action to achieve your emotional and intellectual goals. 
To activate the breathing exercise, press and hold your talisman for a few moments while it begins to glow. Once it flashes brightly, the breathing exercise begins. From the bottom of the talisman, follow the blue glow upwards while you inhale deeply for a total of four seconds. As the blue glow continues on to become green, hold your breath for a total of eight seconds. As the green continues on into yellow, exhale slowly for a total of seven seconds. Complete this cycle three times for a total of about a minute of mindful breathing. 
Once you complete a cycle, one of the three empty circles will lighten and glow, and a line will be drawn from its center to the next circle's center. After completing all three cycles, all three circles will be lit and a triangle — a symbol of grounding — is formed. With a happy gong and another flash of light, your talisman returns to its normal state.
You are able to create up to six additional talismans to serve different intentions, however when you switch you must reaffirm your intention with another blood oath.
The drawer is inaccessible until the user taps "Forge" for the first time. Then, the first talisman created goes into the drawer and the creation process begins again. There is no editing of talismans, for they have already been forged. After all six slots have been taken up, the oldest is destroyed.
Indecision and intention mix like oil and water, so choose carefully.
Spirit • Balance • Acceptance • Peace • Protection
Confidence • Strength • Growth • Wisdom • Clarity 
Intuition • Communication • Cunning
The set of gems from which you choose to embed into your talisman: carnelian, lepidolite, onyx, hematite, citrine, amethyst, lapis, moss agate, peridot, and jade
Bases for each talisman: bone, copper, and wood
Set of bone talismans with no gem applied
Set of copper talismans with no gem applied
Set of wood talismans with no gem applied
Cunning: Snake, Weasel, Carnelian
Communication: Bat, Jade, Amethyst
Intuition: Snake, Bat, Hematite, Amethyst, Lapis
Clarity: Bat, Salamander, Citrine, Lapis, Peridot, Jade
Wisdom: Tortoise, Lapis
Growth: Stag beetle, Salamander, Citrine, Moss Agate
Strength: Stag beetle, Hematite, Onyx
Confidence: Weasel, Carnelian, Moss Agate
Protection: Tortoise, Onyx, Moss Agate, Jade
Peace: Lepidolite, Amethyst, Tortoise
Acceptance: Stag beetle, Lepidolite, Peridot
Balance: Snake, Salamander, Lepidolite, Onyx, Hematite, Amethyst, Peridot
Spirit: Weasel, Carnelian, Citrine, Jade
Intuition, Cunning x2, Spirit, Confidence, Balance
I intend to use incredible cunning as well as spirit and intuition to manifest confidence and balance in my life.
Clarity, Growth x2, Strength, Spirit, Acceptance
I intend to move forward in life using strength, spirit, clarity, and acceptance in order to manifest incredible growth.

Communication x2, Intuition, Protection, Spirit
I intend to move forward in life with incredible communication, allowing intuition and spirit to lead, but with protection of self in mind.

Intuition, Clarity x2, Wisdom, Growth, Balance
I intend to move forward in life with incredible clarity, allowing intuition and wisdom to help manifest growth and a sense of balance.

Confidence x2, Spirit, Cunning, Protection
I intend to move forward in life with incredible confidence, using spirit and cunning, but with protection of self in mind.

Peace x2, Communication, Intuition, Balance, Protection
I intend to move forward in life with an incredible sense of peace, using communication and intuition to achieve balance, but with protection of self in mind.
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