Say Their Names is an ongoing project that remembers and honors the countless black lives that were taken by police. It alerts you on the anniversaries of those who were killed, shares stories about each individual and spreads awareness about police brutality.

With this app, users will be reminded of the wrongful deaths of and will be able to share a commemorative post in their names. Often forgotten are the names of those who have passed, especially in minority communities where they are typically merely a statistic. This app aims to give those who have passed the ability to #RestInPower.
With Apple watchOS integration, anniversaries of deaths will be pushed to the user's watch and able to be seamlessly shared from there as well. The Watch integration alerts you on the date and time on the anniversary of someone's death. This simple yet powerful reminder gives perspective to the overwhelming number of black lives that are taken. This is a place and time to learn, remember and honor each life. 
Shown below are a few screens from the app - the first screen displays the person who was killed on that day and below a list of the victims of police brutality in that month. The second screen shows the profile of a person which gives a brief background on their lives and how they died. As you scroll down, shown on the third screen begins with the date which that person was born and below an account of their death on ripped paper to signify a life cut too short.
The app loads and opens to the home screen which displays the person who was killed on the anniversary of that day. As you scroll down the user can see the names of those who died on the anniversary of the given month. 

Back at the top the user is able to swipe through the image to reveal more victims of police brutality within that week. Tapping on that person brings the user to the profile their full profile which shares a little background of who each individual was and how they died.

Sharing is prompted when the user taps on "Say Her Name." Sharing via Twitter brings up a pre-filled post with a photograph and text to honor them. From there a quote from that person is shown and the user can choose to donate to a cause that helps their families get justice.  #RestInPower, #SayTheirNames, #BlackLivesMatter. 
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